Posted on Jan 12, 2020


New Post: Cat Ear Mites vs Ear Wax - Cats have an amazingly sharp sense of hearing. They can hear sounds about three times better than we humans can. Your little kitty purring in your lap has the instincts and capabilities of a wild cat – she can detect the minutest movements of a burrowing mole, know when a predator is approaching, or hear when a bird is cheeping across the street.

So of course you want your cat’s ears to be perfect and healthy. When you notice some brown, waxy buildup in her ears, you naturally ask: “Is this normal, or is it the sign of a problem?”

Ear wax is also called cerumen. Just like with your own ears, it’s natural for a little bit to build up over time. A normal inner ear and ear canal should be light pink in color. A small amount of light/medium brown ear wax is fine.
When Cat Ear Wax Is Not Normal
Check your cat’s ears regularly. If you notice any of the following, there may be a problem you need to address:

Excess ear wax
Discharge that looks like coffee grounds
Red and/or swollen ears
Shaking the head
Scratching the ears, head and neck
Foul odor
Head tilting
Decreased appetite
Drooping on one side of the face
Squinting or abnormal eye movements
Difficulty walking
Trouble hearing

Ear Wax vs. Cat Ear Mites
Sometimes something that looks like a brown wax buildup in your cat’s ear can signal a bigger issue – ear mites, the most common cause of cat ear problems.

Ear mites are tiny
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